Enrollment Plan:

Full-time: 50 Part-time:380

Academic and Professional Qualifications of the MBA Programme

(1) Normally the MBA applicants should have a bachelor’s degree and have three years or above work experience. For those who have five years work experience or above can also apply for the programme with a diploma from two- or three-year junior colleges.

(2) In order to place more emphasis on students’ work experience, the MBA programme of Hunan University began to offer the conditional admission from the year 2013. Applicants may apply for the conditional admission if they meet any one of the following conditions:

(i) A minimum of 6 years full-time work experience, and a bachelor’s degree;

(ii) A minimum of 8 years full-time work experience and a diploma from nationally-accredited two- or three-year junior colleges;

(iii) Owners of private enterprises (legal representative), with a minimum of 30 employees and two million Yuan of registered capitals;

(iv) Middle-level or senior managers from the listed company headquarters or large-sized state-owned enterprises;