Admission Procedures of the MBA Programme

(1) In rigorous conformity with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, the MBA Programme Centre of Hunan University strictly regulates the admission procedures. The MBA Programme Centre is responsible for the implementation and quality control of the admissions. The final admission decision is made by the Graduate School of Hunan University.

(2) Admission Procedures:

(i) Application registration

(ii) Applicants’ qualification examination

(iii) Applicants participate in the National Standardised Entrance Exam, which consist of: a. English (total: 100 points) and b. Comprehensive Ability Test (Mathematics, Logic and Writing) (total: 200 points)

(iv) Hunan University will decide the entrance line based on (i) the minimal total required in the National Standardised Entrance Exam; (ii) positions offered in the programme; and (iii) the number of candidates over the minimal total.

(v) Applicants over the entrance line participate in the programme-based entrance exam.

The programme-based entrance exam includes: a. Written exam of management (total: 100); b. English listening comprehension (total: 40); and c. Interview: English speaking, professional knowledge, and management potential (total: 100)

The Admission Committee of the MBA Programme decides the entrance of MBA candidates by their qualifications and results of programme-based entrance exam.