MBA Team of Hunan University Won the First Runner Up of 2014 National Management Case Study Competition for Elite for Southern Region
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July 20th, The 2nd National Management Case Study Competition for Elites qualifying round was held at Room 408, the Auditorium of Multi-purpose Building of Guangdong University of Finance. The competition was ended perfectly. The MBA Team One that represent our university won the First Runner-up, and the Team One members were LIAO Lifang, TAN Xinyu, CHEN Fei, GUO Peng, YU Yang. The Team Two won the Best Rookie Award, and the Team Two members were HU Ruimin, LUO Qiong, LI Xiaolu, ZENG Miao, YIN Zhili. Professor QI Shunsheng won the Best Coach Award. The MBA Team One of Hunan University had successfully qualified for National Final. The Final will be held on September 21th, 2014 at University of Science and Technology of Beijing

The qualifying rounds was hosted by Guangdong University of Finance. 10 Schools that consisted of 13 teams participated in the competition, there were: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou University, Guangdong University of Finance、Guangxi University、Hunan University、Hunan Agricultural University 、Shantou University、Xia men University、Sun Yat-sen Business School、Sun Yat-sen unversity-lingnan college. The case study that was used in the competition was “Old Address with New Shop, Focusing on Experience: The Transformation of Wanxin Media.

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On January 19th of 2013, the 4th“International Forum on the Sharing of the Case Study of Chinese Management” was held at Haikou. During the time, there was session on the director of case study center, which formed “Alliance of Case Study on Chinese Management” together with the educational advising committee of graduate students of China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, CMCC, and the Case study center of nationwide major campus. During the first meeting of the alliance, every member of the alliances reached a compromise that it is very necessary to organize nationwide case study on management.

The 1st National Management Case Study Competition for Elites was started in March, 2013. Six months later, over 300 teams from over 52 universities registered for the competition. The National Final was hosted by East China Normal University. There was 8 competition regions, which were Beijing Region hosted by University of Science and Technology of Beijing, Northern China Region hosted by Nankai University, Northeastern Region hosted by Dalian University of Technology, Eastern China Region I hosted by Nanjing University, , Eastern China Region II hosted by Soochow University, Southern China Region hosted by Shantou University, Central China Region hosted by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and Southwestern Region hosted by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. 12 teams qualified for National Final, which were University of Science and Technology of Beijing,University of International Business and Economics, Civil Aviation University of China, Dalian University of Technology, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University、East China University of Science and Technology, Guangdong University of Finance, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Xi’an Jiaotong University, East China Normal University, and Taiwan Tech.

The 2nd competition was organized because of the extraordinary success of the 1st competition. This competition was co-organized by China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, CMCC, CMCC Alliance, and China Association of Modern Management Professional Case study management Research Committee. Furthermore, the National Final is hosted by University of Science and Technology of Beijing. Through the active participation from nationwide MBA schools to pay attention to social economy hot topics, sharing of fine case study in database, strengthen the communication exchange of the Case Study for Management Center, testify against the result of teaching, and to promote for the prosperity of the academic studies in China Case Study Management


Article By: LI Zunhao

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