The Grand Opening Ceremony for 2014 New MBA Students of Hunan University
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In the morning of July 19th, a grand opening ceremony for 2014 New MBA Students of Hunan University was held at the Business School Auditorium. Dean of Graduate School of Hunan University Mr. LI Qingguo, Dean of Business School Mr. MA Chaoqun, Party Committee Secretary Mr. LIU Zeliang, Vice Dean Mr. YANG Zhi, Vice Dean Mr. LEI Hui, Vice Chancellor and Deputy Secretary CAI Jiangguo, Director of MBA-EDP Centre Mr. LI Ping, Deputy Director Ms. Mu Lihua and instructors attended the opening ceremony. 300 new students were greeted by the leaders and instructors and they were proud to be the students of Hunan University.

Speech by the Dean of Graduate School of Hunan University, Professor LI Qingguo

Speech by the Dean of Business School, Professor MA Chaoqun

Swearing Ceremony of all New MBA students

The opening ceremony was hosted by Ms. XIAO Mingming, who is the deputy director of MBA-EDP Center. First, the Dean of Graduate School of Hunan University gave a warm welcome to the new students. He briefly introduced the history of “Millenium Academy”of Hunan University,and further introduced the educational development of the Hunan University graduate students. He would like the students to be proud of Hunan University and to contribute to the university. After, the Dean of Business School Professor MA Chaoqun showed that he was joyful to see arrival of the new batch of MBA students. He introduced the fine environment and facilities of the campus. He would like everyone to precious the time on campus and improve the 8 aspects of ability on how to express through numbers, ability on logic, language and communication skill, ability on psychological analysis, ability on beauty judgment, and ability on firm decision making. The representative of the new student, QUAN Huiqiong and representative from MBA Joint Association also gave speeches on the fine expectation on the coming study experience and blend into the lifestyle of Hunan University. Lastly, every new student participated in the new student entrance swearing ceremony, which swore to follow the teachings of the university and school, and also work hard on executing the high students mission of “Serve the Society, Pay-back to Society”.

After the opening school ceremony, all new students went to Hemifeng Forest Park for 2 days of training camp, and start the fabulous student learning life of Hunan University. 

Article By:WEI Yunjiang

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