MBA Instructors and Students of Hunan University Academic Visit to Hong Kong
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From July 7th to July 12th, MBA Program Center of Business School of Hunan University organized almost 30 instructors and students to go to Hong Kong for a one week academic visit.

The first stop was the HKTDC has been always emphasizing on the concept of “human fundamental” to build an open and convenient environment to start new businesses for SME. Its full services to SME had won praises from people. After that, every member visited the the HongKong Convention and Exhibition Centre  and participated the 21st Hong Kong Fashion Festival which was organized by the HKTDC. This fashion festival attracted 1250 merchants from over 19 countries and regions, which showed the latest fashion design, international brand, and all kinds of fabric materials and accessories. Thus, people could better understand the importance influence of Hong Kong market to a branding establishment.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s personnel had a special introduction session for the MBA instructors and students of Hunan University, which introduced the history and development of the exchange in detail. According to the introduction, the stock exchange was first appeared in the early 19th century during the establishment of Hong Kong. In the 1947, Hong Kong Stock Exchange was established. Then Far East Exchange, Gold and Silver Exchange and The Kowloon Stock Exchange were established as the economy development of Hong Kong. On April 2nd of 1986, 4 exchanges were merged and became the The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd, which was the only stock exchange, For nearly two hours of visit, everyone had experienced the site where it was often shown on business show and movie productions, and also understood the developing history and current situation of Hong Kong stock market. Everyone fully experienced the charisma of Hong Kong, the City of Finance.

At Legco, the staff brought the instructors and the students of MBA program to visit the Legco Library.  At the library, everyone read through all the legal documentations of Hong Kong from various period of time and listened to the staff to introduce the history of Hong Kong legal system. After that, everyone also visited Children Study Room, Historical Corridor, Site Viewing Porch, Conference Hall, and Conference Room and other facilities. At the Conference Hall of General Building of Legco, the instructors and students were able to understand the Legco operations and the influence of the Legco to the social development of Hong Kong

After visited the beautiful campus of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University , everyone walked into the class room of the Business School.  The director of MBA program Dr.MAI Weiming gave a fabulous lecture on Practical Intelligent and HR Management. After the class, both parties exchanged gifts and had in depth communication exchange and looked forward to the future co-operation. 

Even though the Hong Kong academic trip was short, it had engraved a memory to the students and gained a lot. This particular academic trip was a trip of experience, sense, study, and improvement. It does not just gave the students a chance to know more about Hong Kong, experienced the attractiveness of Hong Kong being the city of finance and shopping paradise, also allowed everyone to go beyond the geographical restriction to see the world opportunity with from a higher ground with broader perspectives. It will help the MBA students of Hunan University to acquire better development in their career.


Article By: LI Zunhao

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