Hunan University Mobile Classroom of MBA Program Entered Xiamen University
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On July 4th, over 30 instructors and students from Hunan University MBA Program spent two days to visit the beautiful Xiamen University.

This activity was led by Ms. XIAO Mingming, Deputy Director of MBA Program Center for Hunan University. On the 4th and 5th, Assistant Professor MENG Linming and Professor PENG Lifang of School of Management Xia men University,and Professor ZHANG Jialin of Xiamen National Accounting Institute gave lectures on Management System, E-commerce and the Revolutionary Business Model, and Sustainable Performance Assessment. These professors imprinted a good impression to the students via their professional knowledge, fine analysis on case study, and unique teaching methods. On the afternoon of the 5th, everyone visited a well-known local business - Xiamen Gulong Groups, which had the most unique Gulong Jiang Culture Park. It is has over 50,00 square meters of soya source processing site, which was named the “intangible cultural heritage” of Xiamen City, which shocked the students. However, the practical management concept and the innovative sales models of Gulong Group really surprised the students.

The mobile classroom that cross campus and cross region has become an important teaching method of the MBA program of Hunan University, which effectively helped the students to acquire new knowledges, broaden views, and promote cross regions communications between the students. “We had gained much during the Xiamen Trip, not just gained of knowledge but also met some new friends at Xiamen.” Mr. Wang, student of class of 2013, said “thankful to the outstanding arrangement of Xiamen University and the instructors of Hunan University, hope that we can visit to more campus for academic inter-exchange”.


Article By: WEI Yunjiang

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