291 Students of Business School Successfully Received MBA Degree
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It is another graduation season. In morning of June 29th, Hunan University MBA Program Graduation Ceremony was held at the auditorium of the business school. 291 MBA students successfully graduated and received MBA degrees. Graduates received congratulations from instructors and fellow classmates in a warm and joyful ambiance.


The graduation ceremony was hosted by the Deputy Dean of Business School Professor YANG Zhi. The ceremony started with the National Anthem. Deputy Dean of Graduate School of Hunan University Professor YAN Yonghong announced the decision of granting BIN Bingbing and others with the total of 291 students with MBA degrees. Later, Professor YANG Honglin, as the representative of instructors, greeted the graduates. Graduate representative WEN Jiahui reviewed the study and the living experiences and showed her sincere thanks to the instructors, and wishing the fellow classmates all the best for their future career and living.

The Dean of Business School Professor MA Caoqun gave a speech. First,he used a romantic poem to showed how his heart was inspired by the seasonal changes of Hunan University campus. The poem showed the love to the alma mater, which touched every instructors and students. “Our loves to our alma mater will never change for life, yet, this sentiment will only become stronger in our heart as time passed by. Welcome everyone to visit the alma mater often.” said by Professor MA. At the same time, he sincerely wished everyone had already gained improvement on the 8 aspects of ability on how to express through numbers, ability on logic, language and communication skill, ability on psychological analysis, ability on beauty judgment, and ability on firm decision making.

Lastly, Professor MA presented every MBA graduates the diploma and turned the tassel, to grant the MBA degree. The ceremony closed perfectly with School Song. Graduates and management superiors, instructors took photo, to preserve the most beautiful memory.

         Committee Secretary General of Communist Party for Business School of Hunan University Mr. LIU Zeliang, Director of EMBA Center Professor BO Xiangping, Director of MBA Center Professor LI Ping and some other representative instructors attended the graduation. Some of the families and friends of the graduates also witnessed the entire graduation ceremony.

Article By: WEI Yunjiang

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