Alumni DENG Bing of Class 2003 Speech On Campus
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On June 21, at 7:00pm, Alumni Speech Session which was part of MBA Programs of Hunan University 20th Anniversary was successfully held at B105 classroom. Mr. DENG Bing who is the alumni of Hunan University MBA Program class 2003, senior engineer, 6 sigma Black Belts, and the general manager of BeiJing XiangFudi Investment Co., Ltd.was invited to return to campus to give speech on “Brief Talks on Domestic Capital Market Operation” to the students.

Mr. DENG Bing, MBA Alumni of Class 2003

Site of Speech

Upon commencing the speech, Mr. DENG Bing instead of directly entered into the main topic, but was talking about his working experiences and changed of thoughts throughout the years after he left the campus. He concluded what he learned on how to behave and work. “ Today’s return to the campus, I don’t take it as just come to deliver a speech, but is to make a report to my teachers regarding my work performance, and to share my working experience with my fellow juniors.” DENG Bing’s words made both the teachers and students felt cordial. Immediately after, he led everybody’s attention to understand the Theory of Capital Market and Operation Process with his professional point of view. He summarized the fundamentals of the China capital market. He explained the principle of PE and its operation procedures clearly, and analyzed PE with foresight. Concept of the speech was novel, contents were practical, analysis were professional. The students have opened up new vision. Lastly, DENG Bing reviewed his learning life while he was in the university. He shared his comprehension with everyone and advice the students to value their opportunity to learn and to keep upgrading himself or herself continuously.

“Contents of Senior DENG Bing’s speech were very professional. He opened my sight, and thus become interested in capital market.” TANG Biao, MBA student of class 2013, said, “what he made me feel cordial is I have realized what he comprehended and shared a lot of similar opinions.”

According to information, in order to celebrate the establishment of Hunan University MBA Education Program 20th Anniversary, the MBA Management Center of Hunan University had invited alumni with outstanding performance to return to campus for participation in the Center’s activities, to witness the development of the college and the center, and to give speech to the students. The series of alumnus speeches had produced major responses and had been welcome by the students.


Article By: WEI Yunjiang

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