Hunan University Organized the 2nd MBA Students Entrepreneurship Competition
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May 24th of 2014 evening, Hunan University 2nd MBA Students Entrepreneurship Competition was held at the classroom B206 of the Business School. 6 teams which were made up of MBA students of Hunan University would compete in the final. After the final, an entrepreneurship team would be formed to join the“Chuang Qing Chun”  National University Student Entrepreneurship Competition for MBA Round.

Contestant Briefing

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1st Prize Winners

 2nd Prize Winners

3rd Prize Winners

At 19:00pm, the competition started smoothly in the B206 classroom. The Chairman of Panda Fireworks Groups Mr. LI Min, Deputy Director of SME Service Center of Hunan Province Mr. CHEN Jianxiong, Chairman of Changsha Jiajing Co. Ltd.  Mr. WU Jiahui, Entrepreneurship Center of Communist Youth Party of Hunan University Driector LIU Yizheng, General Manager of Hunan Xiang Lin Group Ltd., Vice General Manager of Hunan Gao Xin Venture Capital Co. Ltd. XIONG Jin, Vice General Manager of Hunan Xiang Tou High Technology Entrepreneur Investment Co. Ltd. attended the competition and were the commentators of the competition.

The competition was co-organized by MBA Program Center of Hunan University and MBA Joint Association of Hunan University. There were 12 contestants. After the team briefing round, commentator Q&A round, and commentator assessment, 6 teams were qualified for the final. There 6 projects covering automobile, internet marketing, internet services, ladies products, bakeries, and fruits etc sectors. The MBA Entrepreneurship Establishment Competition reflected the vast working experiences and solid advantages of the professional backgroud of the MBA students. A lot of projects had recognized the market opportunity accurately, and focused on the targeted clients, some projects were highly innovating.

After over 3 hours of contest, finally, 6 students which included XIAO Chi, students of MBA Program class 2013, won the 1st prize with the project “Ai Che Bao”; the 2nd prize went to “Le Xiang Wei Pin” by Class I of MBA program of Autumn admission 2013, and “Innovative Female Fashion and Livings APP” by MBA Program Experimental Leadership Class of 2013; the “‘Le Guo Fresh Fruit Shop” and “Hand's Cherry Ladies Bag” projects by MBA Program Experimental Leadership Class of 2013, and “Website of Financial Services for Researchers’ Home ” project by Class III of MBA program of Spring admission 2013.

Entrepreneurship Competition is also known as Business Planning Competition. It uses the venture capital operation model. It requires the contestants to form a supplementary competition group to propose a technical products or services with promising marketing future. The purpose is to use the products or services “to gain investment from the venture capitalists”, by composing a complete, specific and detailed business plan.

Business Shcool of Hunan University sets a mission to cultivate outstanding entrepreneurs, and endeavor to assist students to build a helpful entrepreneurship platform and business development platform. Nevertheless, MBA Entrepreneurship Establishment Competition offered the MBA students the chances to challenge for supremacy in the actual business competitions via competition model, offered MBA student of Hunan University an innovative spirit and consciousness, discover and develop entrepreneurship, and also consolidate the capacity of resources for entrepreneur innovation.


Article By: LI Zunhao

MBA Program Center