The MBA programme focuses on the improvements of professional capabilities for those who aspire to be senior or middle-level managers in enterprises.

There are full-time and part-time MBA programmes. The length of schooling for Full time program is 2.5 years, but for the part time program, the length is 3 years. Full-time students take courses on the campus of Hunan University from Monday to Friday; while part-time students only have classes on weekends.

Full-time and part-time MBA students need to take all the required courses and write a research report on decision-making of enterprise management (thesis) based on the actual business situation. After completing and passing all the courses and successfully defending their research reports, the students are awarded a Graduation Certificate of MBA issued by Hunan University and an MBA Degree by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council.


The mission of the MBA programme is:

To cultivate managerial talents in various fields endowed with an objective, rational attitude and the unity of knowledge and action.

The Business School believes that loyalty and pragmatism are ethical standards in business for MBA graduates. Therefore, it is essential for MBA students to be skilled in applying the theory into practice to solve practical problems, and summarising experience from practical management work, as well as refining the theory. The MBA programme of the Business School is endeavouring to cultivate this kind of excellent managerial talents.


Features of the MBA Programmes

he most important feature of the MBA programme of Hunan University is that we offer cost-effective and excellent services.

--> Specific MBA Purpose

--> Complete Curriculum Design

--> Student-centered Teaching Content and Method with Emphasis on Combination of Theory with Practice

--> Strict Admission Requirements


--> Guide the students to establish correct values and enhance their sense of responsibility.

--> Prepare the students for leadership in business.

--> Develop the students’ comprehensive professional competence.

--> Focus on developing the students’ management skills.

Learning Outcomes

The graduates from this program should be able to:

--> be well equipped with theoretical knowledge and concepts of modern management.

--> develop business management skills.

--> broaden global vision.