Curriculum Content of the MBA Programme

Full time and part time students in the MBA programme have the same curriculum content but different learning hours. Full time students have classes from Monday to Friday. Part time students have classes on weekends.

The curriculum of the MBA programme is classified into compulsory and elective courses, which include the theoretical study and management practice. All students have to earn 60 credits of compulsory courses from the following five modules:

--> General Knowledge(8 credits),

Courses: Market Economy,Methodology of Social Science, Business English, Managerial Economics

--> Values and Social Responsibility(4 credits),

Courses: Team Outward Bound Training, Huxiang Culture and Social Responsibility, Self-cultivation of the Mind, Management Ethics

--> Leadership Development(7 credits),

Courses: History of Management Thought, Management Communication, Organisational Behaviour and Leadership, Strategic Management

--> Management Competence Development(14 credits)

Courses: Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Marketing Management, Management Information System, Data, Model and Decisions

--> Management Experience and Practice(27)

Courses: Simulation of Business Competition, Management Consulting, Entrepreneurs’ Forum*, Report on Enterprise Management Decision(Thesis Proposal), Report on Enterprise Management Decision (Thesis)

In addition, all MBA students have to earn at least ten credits of elective courses, among which four in their specialisation and the other six from other specialisations and public elective courses. The MBA programme of Hunan University sets up various elective courses in eight specialisations:

--> Operations Management and E-Commerce,

Courses: Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Project Management, E-Commerce Strategy and Implementation

--> Courses: Organisational Change and Development, Remuneration and Performance Management, Management of High-performance Team, Personnel Assessment

--> Marketing,

Courses: Market Insight and Analysis, Market Positioning and Branding, Consumer Behaviour, Social Network and Integrated Media

--> Financial Analysis and Management Control,

Courses: Reading and Analysis of Financial Statement, Internal Control and Risk Management, Tax Planning

--> Financial Management,

Courses: Securities Investment and Analysis, Corporate Finance and Risk Management, Financial Enterprise Management

--> Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

Courses: Product and Service Innovation, Entrepreneurial Management, IT and Business Model Innovation, Open Innovation

--> Strategic Management

Corporate Governance, International Acquisition and Restructuring, Social Capital and Business Growth, IT and Business Model Innovation

--> International Business

Intercultural Communication, International Trade Practice, Analysis of International Business Environment, Global Capital Market

--> General Elective

Courses: Chinese Classics and Management Thoughts, Chinese Traditional Culture and Enterprise Management, Comparison of Chinese and Western Managerial Cultures, Harvard Cases Analysis, Business Law, Strategic Pricing Decision, Overall Budget Management, E-Commerce and E-Marketing, Enterprise Labour Relation Management, Self-Cultivation of Professional Managers, Manufacturing Technology Management, Production Management, Business Bank Management, Mobile Classroom, International Enterprise Visits

General elective courses include Chinese Classics and Management Thoughts, Harvard Case Analysis,etc. Elective courses in each specialisation include relevant management practice or simulation and public elective courses set up mobile classroom, international enterprise visits, etc.

The curriculum of the MBA programme emphasises the integration of knowledge and management practice, including classic courses and featured courses.