About Business School
About Business School

The Business School of Hunan University is a second-level institution of teaching, scientific research and social service under the administration of Hunan University.

Currently, there are 136 full-time and part-time faculty and 64 administrative staff in the Business School. The Business School has 35 professors and 57 associate professors, among whom there are 23 PhD supervisors. The Business School has a team of prominent scholars who are academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Distinguished Young Scholars of China, Cheung Kong Scholars, Professors of the Lotus Scholarship Program of Hunan Province and members of the state’s Outstanding Talents Project of the 21 century.

The Business School offers seven undergraduate programmes: (i) Management Science, (ii) Business Management, (iii) Marketing, (iv) Electronic Engineering, (v) Accounting, (vi) Information Management and (vii) Finance Management, and master and doctoral programmes of Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration. The Business School also offers four professional master programmes of MBA, EMBA, MPAcc and Asset Evaluation.

In 1993, the Business School of Hunan University was approved to offer MBA programme. Hunan University was the first University in Hunan Province and one of the first universities in China undertaking the MBA education. In the same year, the National MBA Education Supervisory Committee was founded. Hunan University was one of the main initiators of this committee, and it has been active in it so far. The main tasks of the Committee are: to guide and coordinate national MBA education; to foster the relations with business circles, to enhance international communication and cooperation; and to promote continuous development of MBA education in China.

Subsequently, in 2002, Hunan University was among the first group of universities in China and the first university in Hunan Province to offer EMBA programme.

In 2012, initiated by the Business School of Hunan University and cooperating with eight other universities who were authorised to offer MBA programmes in Hunan, the Hunan Association of Business Administration was founded, aiming to promote the development of MBA education in Hunan Province. And the Business School of Hunan University was voted the first council unit of this Association.

As a prestigious school of Hunan University, the Business School is an important unit in Hunan University and has made great contributions to its development. According to the latest statistics from the website of China Alumni Association (www.cuaa.net), the business administration of Hunan University has been recognised as a five-star specialisation, among one of the first-rate disciplines in China in 2014.